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Version 3.0 of the PRI™ Certified Relationship Love Test has now been released.



The Relationship Test ™ has been developed in an effort to help individuals understand what kind of partner they need and how to improve their relationships and hence be happier in their relationships and love life.

We are striving to continuously improve the test and insights based on the latest research and findings so that you get the most out of our insights.

The Relationship Test ™ evaluates 15 categories across 4 pillars (Personality, Attraction, Love and Other Factors), which take regional, cultural and religious differences into account. We refer to these 4 pillars as the Relationship Quadrants™.

When people feel that they match with their partner in these four areas, they are overall more happy in their life, feel more connected to and in love with their partner, and are a lot more likely to stay together in a healthy and loving relationship for a long time.

You can have a look at a sample report from the PRI™ Certified Relationship Test ™ or try the free Relationship Test demo to familiarize yourself with it before taking the full version of the test.


a. Increasing self-awareness leads to breakthroughs.

Self-awareness is key to the success of every person, and that’s exactly what Relationship Test delivers.

Relationship Test can help you increase your self-awareness of what is important for you in a partner and in a relationship and make you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship. Our test, analysis and insights enable you to enhance your self-understanding and help you improve your romantic relationship, if you are currently in one. If you are single, the insights will help you understand what kind of partner is a great match for you and thus help you to focus on dating relevant persons.

b. Relationship Test will help you:

  • Discover what is important for you in a relationship and what kind of partner is a great match for you. Being self-aware and knowing what you value in a relationship is crucial for finding the right partner and/or recognizing if your partner is the right person for you
  • Get to know your match with your partner (if you are in a relationship) including a detailed breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship. It is better knowing where you stand today rather than waiting and uncovering some “surprises” about your partner and relationship sometime in the future.
  • Find out potential blind spots and red flags (if you are in a relationship). Knowing these will enable you to act upon them and will help you to make your relationship healthier and happier.

c. Relationship Test is for anyone who:

  • Wants to better understand their personal preferences in a partner and relationship.
  • Is striving to meet the right partner or understand if the current partner is the right one for them.
  • Wants to be happier in their personal life and romantic relationship.
  • Hopes to improve their relationship and needs specific advice on what areas to focus on.
  • If you ask yourself any of the following:
  • What do I value and need in a relationship? What kind of person is a good match for me?
  • Is my boyfriend / girlfriend / partner a good match for me? Do I really love her / him?
  • What should I be aware of in my relationship? What can I improve?


a. Your Preferences

Learn about what matters to you the most in a relationship and what kind of partner is a good match for you.

b. Your Preferences

Get to know your overall Partner Match Score™ and receive a detailed analysis on the compatibility with your partner, if you are in a relationship. 

c. Relationship Gapsand Red Flags

Find out the gaps in your relationship and how to improve those. 

d. Personalized Report

After completing the Test, you will receive the detailed PRI™ Certified Personalized Report with an analysis and insights that are tailored to you based on your responses.

Take the PRI™ Certified Relationship Test for a fast and reliable assessment of what is important for you in a partner, relationship and love life and, if you are in a relationship, of how your partner matches with you.

Feel free to contact us for additional info about our IQ Test.